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This Groom Came Up With The Perfect Way To Ask Dad To Be His Best Man.

Even the closest families can often find sweet ways to surprise each other.

One Florida man has shared a video of a private moment that’s so sweet, everyone who sees it instantly gets choked up. It all started when he decided to go home to Dayton, Ohio to visit his parents for his birthday, and he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to ask his father to serve as his best man at his upcoming wedding.


As if just asking this question wasn’t honor enough, the man found a way to make the moment even more memorable. Wanting to share the moment with his sister back in Ohio, he arranged to have his fiancee videotape the entire experience.

“I put together a photo album of different pictures of my dad and me together throughout the years,” he explained in the video’s description. So his mom and dad, sit around the kitchen table and enjoy a walk down memory lane as they browse the book.


The photographs were all from trips the family had taken, and captured all of the good times they’ve enjoyed throughout their entire life together.

“This is a few years ago,” the dad says as he looks at the pictures, “because I don’t look that good anymore.”

Same, dad. Same.


They continue to reminisce about the good times, but when the dad hits the last page of the album, he stops dead in his tracks. The look on his face is just priceless!


He and his son exchange a meaningful look as he blurts out, “Yes!” before breaking down in tears.


“The last picture in the album was a picture of a tuxedo saying ‘Dad, will you be my best man?‘ That’s when it got emotional.”


As father and son stand up for a hug, we’re reminded yet again how beautiful the bond between parents and children can be. This bond lasts well beyond the years when parents raise their children, stretching into adulthood, and beyond. Anyone who is lucky enough to experience this kind of close family connection… is lucky enough.

Watch the tender moment below, and don’t forget to share.