92-Yr-Old’s High Flying Routine Leaves Younger Dancers Speechless.

Sometimes age really is just a number. It’s no indication of one’s skills or abilities. Yet the higher the age, the more things we mentally assume are beyond their capabilities.

When it comes to activities involving lot of movement — like dancing — people are always quick with the “broken hip” puns for seniors. But at least one woman is leaving younger observers speechless thanks to her incredible dance skills.

She might be 92, but Vera Rodriguez shows no signs of slowing down!

vera full makeup

In fact, Vera seemed to be struggling to find a partner who can keep up. “Nobody knows how to dance,” the mambo legend complained. “Nobody!” With nails painted a bright pink, Vera declared that she was going to a club to “show them a thing or two” about how to really dance!

There’s just one thing: Vera isn’t a 92-year-old mambo legend, but rather a character created by Mikko Kempe. In reality, the dancer is a woman Vera Rowe — a nine-time salsa, bachata, and hustle champion.

vera rowe

The social experiment was a tribute to the spirit of the Palladium Club’s “Palladium Nights.”Starting in the 1950s, the club’s salsa and mambo dancing made it world famous. The goal of this experiment? “To keep the spirit and love of mambo and salsa dancing and music alive.

After an aging up makeover that took a few hours “Vera” was ready to hit the club.

people dancing

Once there, Vera took a polite spin around the floor. She immediately gave the impression of being a grandmotherly figure past her prime.

fake dance

But then Vera stepped onto the floor with fellow dance champion Uriel Garcia. And her skill suddenly showed a “remarkable” improvement.

vera toss

As Vera whirled around the floor, the other dancers actually stopped to gawk, stunned and amused at what they were seeing.

stunned crowd

Uriel and Vera were sensational together and they seemed to change a lot of perceptions about what elderly bodies are capable of. One surprised couple admitted that she moved like a twenty-year-old and that they hoped to be able to dance that well when they were older.

vera finale

Although the filmmakers never admitted the ruse to the audience, we can at least appreciate that the experiment helped open a few minds about seniors and their ability to loosen up and have a lot of fun!

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