Teens Chip In To Buy Best Gift For Friend With Special Needs On His Birthday.

Ty Burningham of Davis County, Utah, spreads happiness wherever he goes.

The 25-year-old has special needs and can often be spotted cruising around his neighborhood on a scooter. He also loves chatting it up with everyone he meets. According to his neighbors, he’s a pure joy to be around!

Among his many fans are local teens Maddie Weger and Hunter Garrett, who recently graduated from Davis High School. Along with their former classmates, they can’t get enough of Ty’s company!

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“He’s just so friendly to everyone,” Maddie told KSL. “Like my mom met him in Bowman’s once, and he came over and talked to her for like 30 minutes.”

“He’s got that personality where it’s like, you see him, you just can’t not smile, you know?” Hunter added. “He just lights up a room everywhere he is.”


That’s why they teamed up with 10 of their fellow graduates to make Ty’s 25th birthday in July the best yet. They’d noticed his scooter was starting to wear out, so each of them pitched in $10 for a special surprise — a brand new electric scooter!

Ty’s response? “Aw, sweet!”

He couldn’t wait to try it out, zooming up and down the street with a huge grin on his face!

Seeing him so happy was a gift in itself to his friends, who said it was the least they could do after Ty brought them so much joy.

“It’s not that big, but Ty, we just love him,” Raef Thomas, one of the teens, explained.

Could they be more thoughtful? With friends like these, it’s no wonder he’s always smiling! Enjoy your new ride, Ty! You certainly deserve it for brightening so many people’s days.

See his sweet reaction to his birthday gift in the video below, and share this story to bring smiles to even more faces.

Teens Surprise Special Needs Neighbor

I love it when I get to do stories like this. A group of Kaysville teens wanted to do something for a special-needs neighbor, who has grown to become a friend and well-known member of the community. KSL 5 TV

Posted by Mike Anderson KSL on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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