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Little Boy Adopts Oldest Dog In Iowa Shelter.

Most everyone who’s looking to adopt a dog goes for the lively ones, the puppies, juveniles, and adolescents who’re bursting with energy. Meanwhile, senior dogs’ best years are over, and they’re left to languish in shelters while their sprightlier counterparts go home with their forever families.

That’s usually how it goes, anyway. But it was a different — and completely heart-melting — story for this 14-year-old miniature poodle, whose previous owners were moving and couldn’t take their faithful companion along.

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He was dropped off at the Animal Rescue League of Iowa last November where he was overlooked by every single person for the next four months.

Then, on March 23, it finally happened. Young Tristan walked in with his mom to find a small fur buddy. As the pair strolled through the kennel, none of the dogs seemed quite right for them, the rescue league wrote on Facebook. “But then they came to Shey.â€


“Shey is very content,”said Jessica Jorgenson, who works at the rescue organization. “Cuddling is his favorite thing in the world, and he snuggled right in with Tristan.â€

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“We just have a thing for older dogs,”Tristan’s mom, Heather Reese, wrote on Facebook. “Knowing that you’re doing something for them that other people might not do.â€


Shey may be deaf, half-blind, and missing all but one tooth, but Tristan showed right away he wouldn’t shy away from the extra responsibilities that come along with owning a senior dog. Rescue staff was impressed by his devotion as he jotted down notes on Shey’s special needs and dates for his follow-up shots.


This young man made such a kind and compassionate choice in deciding to adopt an older dog, one that more people should consider.

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