This Unconventional Parenting Tactic Might Surprise (And Amuse) You!

A baby is excited to play with the dog's water bowl.

Parents spend a lot of energy trying to prevent their little ones from getting into trouble, but one mom on TikTok revealed that she’s been taking a different approach. Emily Fuller and her husband were getting frustrated by their baby’s affinity for the dog’s water bowl, so one day they decided to let her satisfy her curiosity. After washing the bowl, Dad filled it and placed it on the ground. The baby had a blast sticking her hands and face into the water and splashing it around!


Of course, Mom and Dad were watching the entire time to make sure their child didn’t get hurt. Even though it was a minimal amount, it’s never a good idea to leave a baby alone around water.

Many parents in the comments section were delighted by the unusual teaching moment and revealed that their children also liked to play with their dog’s water and food.

Watch the video below to see this baby finally get her hands on the coveted water bowl!

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