This Blind Horse And Her Seeing Eye Donkey Are The Best Of Friends.

A blind horse follows her seeing eye donkey.

When this blind horse needed a little help getting around, she ended up becoming best buddies with her seeing eye donkey. Their owners have been documenting their adorable friendship on TikTok! Petey the donkey is apparently a great caregiver for Luna, who can’t see out of either of her eyes. He goes with her almost everywhere in case she need his help!

Luna uses the sound of Petey’s steps to find her way around. There are countless sweet videos on social media showing how the blind horse follows her seeing eye donkey throughout the day. Petey always looks behind him to make sure Luna is there. Commenters can’t get enough of the cute pair!

“This is amazing,” one person said. “Petey you are a gift from god!”

“There is a duo of horses at the ranch I work at that do the same,” wrote another. “It’s amazing how animals help each other… we could learn a lot from them.”

One area where Luna tends to need help is getting in and out of the barn. Petey the seeing eye donkey is always willing to lead her outside to play, then back inside at night! It’s so touching to see how he looks after her.

We really could learn from our animal friends, couldn’t we?

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