The Man Behind “Narnia”: Encounter The Faith And Wisdom Of C.S. Lewis In This Free Online Course.

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When done well, the art of storytelling can leave a lasting impact on both an individual and societal level. If you’ve ever read, or even heard about, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Through his fiction and non-fiction work alike, this revered author has connected with countless people across multiple generations. The reason this is possible is because of his ability to address life’s most important questions through vivid language.

For Lewis, the questions he asked were focused on his Christian faith — or lack thereof, at times. He wasn’t afraid to dive deep into topics like good vs. evil and the struggle to understand the purpose of pain and suffering. Although many Christians use his work as a guide for their own faith, even those outside of the religion find themselves fascinated with his thoughtful perspective.

A C.S. Lewis mural on the side of a building. It includes images of C.S. Lewis, a lion, and other "Narnia" imagery. It also reads: C.S. Lewis. 1898-1963
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This no doubt comes partly from the fact that Lewis himself was an atheist for a time. But through his exploration of pain, joy, doubt, and love, he underwent a transformative journey. This, eventually, brought him back to his Christian faith.

This journey greatly shaped much of Lewis’ work. In turn, he gave the world incomparable works of fiction and non-fiction that continue to inspire folks from all walks of life.

Free C.S. Lewis Course Offers Unique Insight Into Author’s Work and Beliefs

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Encounter Mere Christianity

Enroll in the FREE online course

C.S. Lewis on Christianity
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To get the most out of Lewis’ body of work, Hillsdale College crafted a thorough yet easy-to-follow course that will help you do just that. As a Christian, classical liberal arts college, they aim to provide free, not-for-credit online courses like this one so that more people have access to life-changing knowledge.

This free course is called Encounter the Faith and Wisdom of Lewis. With the guidance of Professor Michael Ward, you’ll explore Lewis’ life and career, often through the lens of his classic works like Mere Christianity, The Screwtape Letters, and The Abolition Man.

“His stories are like nets in which you catch for a moment something ineffable, something almost incommunicable,” Professor Michael Ward says. “But he has communicated it.”

The course includes seven lectures and can be taken at your own pace. It covers a wide range of fascinating topics, including Lewis’ insights on the nature of heaven and hell, how to pray and read the Bible, and the role of enjoyment in the Christian life.

Black and white photo of C.S. Lewis sitting at his desk. He's holding onto a piece of paper, but there's scattered papers all over the desk.
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For most of us, finding the words to express our ideas and feelings on these topics is nearly impossible. For Lewis, however, doing so became his very life’s work.

“He is so skillful at expressing the inexpressible,” Professor Ward explains.

So no matter if you’re a lifelong fan of Lewis or only know The Chronicles of Narnia, are a devout Christian, or have an entirely different perspective on faith, this free, online class is the perfect way to get a new perspective on life. By diving deeper into Lewis’ life and work, you can better understand your own views and perspectives. Enroll today for free to see for yourself!

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