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Son Finds A Brilliant Way For His Paralyzed 87-Yr-Old Dad To Ride A Motorcycle.

two men sitting on their motorcycles

Charles Nassau has faced a lot of hurdles in his 87 years of life but he’s not giving up or slowing down any time soon.

This Korean War veteran has always had a love for riding motorcycles, and it’s a love that he passed down to his son, Charlie Nassau. But a hit-and-run in 2016 threatened to take their shared passion away.

Charles was left paralyzed, and he spent months in the hospital. But not even an accident this severe could keep Charles down for long.

“I’ve ridden motorcycles all my life,” Charles said. “I didn’t wanna quit. So as soon as I got out of the hospital, 5 months, I started looking online to find something I could ride.”

With a lot of time, research, and hard work, his son Charlie found ways to get his father back on the road again. And once he did, he didn’t just stop there – he went on to help others like his dad with his own business, which he named Chariot Mototrikes.

“I help a lot of amputee and paraplegic riders,” Charlie said. “I sell adaptive riding equipment, electric shifters, hand controls and things like that.”

Since finding a new way to ride motorcycles, Charles has faced even more hurdles, his latest involving cancer. Still, this incredibly close family has found a way to once again do what they always do: Focus on the good.

One way they’ve done this is by having a fun gathering with friends and family before Charles begins his cancer treatments. And what better way to spend their time together than by going on a 100-mile ride through the Green Mountains in Vermont!

“Right now, his cancer’s back so he’s gonna be fighting that,” Charlie said. “And so, we don’t what his future holds. But we’re going to enjoy today and we’re going to get a good ride in.”

In addition to being a fun way for his family and friends to spend time together, this gathering was also a way to celebrate Charles and all that he’s accomplished and overcome in his 87 years of life.

“Never give up,” Charlie said. “Look at him, you know, 87 years old and still riding. You can’t beat that.”

Watch a clip of Charlie down below and don’t forget to share.

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