Hero Momma Dog Keeps 6 Newborn Puppies Alive In Snowbank For 3 Weeks.

Everyone has heard stories of parents who do the impossible to save their children from dire circumstances, but it’s not just humans who manage it.

A stray dog named Snowbelle faced a dangerous situation when she delivered her six puppies in the Minnesota snow. A few weeks later, someone found her and was shocked to find that even though her milk had dried up, all of her pups were alive!


Despite their scary condition, Red Lake Rosie’s Rescue was able to warm Snowbelle and her babies up and get them fed. Then they took to Facebook to ask for donations so they could give these sweets dogs the care they needed.

“We have no idea how Snowbelle and her puppies survived,” they wrote. “They were about 3 weeks old when rescued.”

What they did know was Snowbelle is a great mom! They were shocked that she’d managed to keep each pup so clean — a true testament to her love and determination.


With a little help, Snowbelle was thriving in no time! Her milk came back, enabling her to feed the pups so they would get even healthier.


Countless people were moved by her story and donated thousands of dollars to the shelter. Even better, the community was reminded of how important it is to support animal rescues so they can house and feed pets like Snowbelle.

By far, the best outcome was that several families were inspired to give these wonderful dogs their forever homes! Within a week, most of them were scooped up and are now receiving all the love and care they deserve.


It’s truly remarkable that all six puppies are thriving despite their rough start. Great job, Snowbelle!

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