Service Dog Saves Student’s Life, So School Permits Special Graduation Honor.

At his recent graduation, high school senior Tyler McCready marched to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance in matching outfits with his best friend and lifesaver, a miniature Australian Shepherd named Sinatra (who probably should’ve received an honorary diploma himself).


While some may wonder how a school could allow for a dog to walk at graduation– the most meaningful event of the year– the truth is, it wasn’t a difficult decision to make. Sinatra is, after all, one student’s hero.


McCready has Type 1 diabetes, and Sinatra is specifically trained to detect spikes or drops in blood sugar levels.

When McCready’s blood sugar drops, his body produces a pungent smell that Sinatra can detect, just as he can hone in on the sweet smell that accompanies an increase.


The two were paired not long after McCready fell into a diabetic coma, and the Aussie has been McCready’s constant companion ever since.


“About a month ago, I was getting ready to go Christmas shopping over Christmas break, and he dropped and wasn’t responding to me,”McCready’s mother, Melissa McCready, said. Soon after, Sinatra began attending classes with her son. “His eyes were just glassy. We live every day and don’t know if he’s going to wake up the next morning. That’s one of the main reasons we got the dog – to watch him at night.â€


“It kind of seemed surreal when we were waiting on him, but now he’s a part of my life,”McCready said, adding that Sinatra will alert by putting his paw on his leg. “It gives me peace of mind.â€


Besides saving McCready’s life hundreds of times, Sinatra also serves the invaluable role of providing emotional support.

Because his condition sets him apart from his peers, McCready struggled with depression and even considered suicide, but the miniature Aussie with bi-colored eyes has changed everything.

Congratulations on your commencement(s), Tyler and Sinatra!

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