Police Rally To Thank Struggling Mom Who Donated $100 To Wounded Cop.

Shetara Sims of Missouri has never forgotten the kindness the Kansas City Police showed her after one of her daughters was murdered in 2012.

She said the department supported her every step of the way, sending detectives to check on her family and acting like “therapists, fathers, and lifelines all in one.”

As a single mom, Shetara has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic. She lost her job and had about $7 to her name when she spotted a single dollar bill in a parking lot one day. She used the dollar to buy a lottery ticket and was delighted when she won $100!

Even though the windfall would have helped her family, Shetara’s 12-year-old daughter, Rakiya Edmondson, immediately suggested they donate the unexpected income to the family of a Kansas City cop who had recently been wounded on the job. Shetara agreed and called the station to ask how to make a donation.

“With her current financial hardship, we urged her to keep the money,” KCPD wrote on Facebook. “She refused, saying the officer’s family needed it, and police needed to know they were supported.”

shetara meets coworkers

Shetara insisted they take the money, leaving the police “floored and incredibly humbled” by her selfless act.

They shared the story on social media, and the community’s response was quick and decisive. Hundreds of people contacted the police to find Shetara so they could send her a donation of their own!

“Even when we found her again, she asked, ‘Don’t the officer and his family need it more?'” KCPD said. They set up a GoFundMe and urged residents to contribute, and they definitely delivered! They’ve already raised over $100,000 for the grateful mom!

shetara gofundme

What a selfless act of kindness! It’s so important to appreciate and honor the goodness we see in the world.

Learn more about Shetara in the video below, and share this story to thank her and her daughter for always thinking of others.

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