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Shelter Dog Left Alone Throws Himself The Party Of A Lifetime — As He Deserves.

shelter dog surrounded by torn up and chewed toys he destroyed while alone

There are times in life when it really pays to be cute!

A shelter dog named Damon tested that theory recently when he was left alone for just 45 minutes in an office at the Cincinnati Animal CARE in Ohio. The shelter is so crowded that they routinely put dogs in people’s offices, but staff members were shocked to return from a meeting to find a stuffed animal crime scene.

Damon, who’d been found wandering the streets and whose family could not be located, found the staff member’s stash of dog toys, which are usually distributed to foster families. So, naturally, the adoptable pup helped himself to the entire lot, chewing and pulling the stuffing out of everything he set his eyes on!

“I believe the official number of toys destroyed was ‘all of them,'” said staff member Ray Anderson. “The foster office is loaded with goodies to go home with our foster fams, so he found a cornucopia of fun.”

In fact, the dog looked so happy and proud of himself, they couldn’t even get mad at him! They were just happy he was living his best life. Just look at him taking a well-deserved nap after causing all that chaos.

But that’s not where Damon’s fun ended. Soon after, he was sent with a foster family who happily threw this adorable pup his very own toy party!

When the shelter shared pictures of Damon and his two stuffed animal parties, the images went viral. According to The Dodo, this led to the perfect people spotting his familiar face: Damon’s former owners! His family had no doubt been missing him terribly, so they came to the shelter and reclaimed their naughty pooch.

This has to be the luckiest dog to ever wander into a shelter! We’re so happy that he found his way home, and it never would have happened if he had behaved like a perfect angel. Maybe it pays to break the rules every now and then, eh Damon?

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