Cheer Dad Has Sweetest Response When Daughter Almost Falls And We’re In Love.

When it comes to talented father-daughter duos, Roland Pollard and 4-year-old Jayden of Dallas, Texas, are about as good as they get! Roland, a former competitive cheerleader, has been teaching his little one to be a flyer, the stunt person at the top of human pyramids, since the moment she took her first steps.

Any athlete can tell you it’s not always the victories that help us learn the most — it’s the failures. In a training video they posted on social media, we get a quick glimpse into what makes Roland and Jayden’s relationship so special.

When Jayden misses a direction and nearly falls to the ground, her dad catches her and quickly checks to see how she’s doing. Then he patiently explains what went wrong in a nonjudgmental, gentle way to both keep her safe and develop her skills. He concludes with the most important message of all: “Daddy will always save you.” They decide to try the routine again, and this time around, they nail it!

Watch Roland’s heartwarming parenting in action in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story to make someone smile.


Was your dad present? Mine wasn’t and that’s why I’m so active in my daughter’s life. #ACupgrade #parenting #lifehacks #dad #cheer #fyp #love #girldad

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