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Puppy Mischief: Tiny Pup Does The Most Australian Shepherd Thing Ever

Left image shows an empty puppy cage. Right image shows the escaped puppy happily laying atop a shelf.

Puppies will be puppies, regardless of their breed. But Australian shepherd puppies are unique in a particular way. The breed is energetic and intelligent and is born with the herding instinct. It surprised this new puppy parent when his Australian shepherd did something he had not prepared for. You can puppy-proof your home, but you must keep an eye on your little charges.

The new puppy parent went out feeling secure because he had the ultimate puppy containment field. He left thinking his pup would be safe and contained within the barrier. What he found when he returned home surprised and amused him.

The puppy was secure in a tallish, open-top cage assembly. She had plenty of toys, a comfy dog bed, and stuffies to keep her company. She had everything she needed but was no longer in the cage when the new parent came home.

Left in a puppy cage, an Australian shepherd puppy was able to escape and surprise her owner. Image shows the empty cage structure.
Image from TikTok.

A quick scan of the room revealed that the pup hadn’t gone far. When she saw her dad, she barked joyfully. The pooch decided she would be much more comfortable on the shelf behind the puppy enclosure. Leisurely lounging without a care in the world. Typical Australian shepherd behavior!

After escaping from her enclosure, image shows a joyful puppy sitting on top of a shelf waiting for her owner to come home.
Image from TikTok.

We’re unsure how she escaped the enclosure, but she seemed proud of herself. Australian shepherds are very intelligent, but we may never know without a camera in the room.

We can check out the news for other Australian shepherds making headlines. Recently, during the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl, an Australian shepherd mix named Moosh won the Most Valuable Player award. Another Australian shepherd owner got her puppy a little kitten friend to grow up with. The two have built a bond despite being different species. Watch:

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