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Paws What You’re Doing And Enjoy These 15 Animal Memes — They’re Hilarious!

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of a meme about a dog that is shoving his face on a net. on the right there is a picture of a chubby cat and a caption that says "ofcourse i'm in a shape, round is a shape"

On the internet, we have a choice to make when it comes to the content we view.

We can choose to immerse ourselves in negative news, polarizing viewpoints, or any manner of finger-pointing and name-calling forums, or we can choose to fill our minds with pure, good-intentioned memes featuring our favorite furry and feathered friends.

Why consume junk when you can have something this wholesome?

1. We’ll take wholesome content like this any day!

2. If a grumpy cat turning into a happy cat just by settling into a poofy seal pillow doesn’t make you smile, it’s time to re-evaluate.

3. We choose happiness, even if it’s in the form of a tiny black “void” of a kitten.

4. Wholesome memes should be the majority of your web consumption, like the bottom of the food pyramid.

5. That one night turned into two, and then three… the rest is history.

6. Mission… (un)accomplished?

7. If you start making your own memes, you can brighten other people’s days too.

8. Just look at these two cute pets learning a shocking truth about their origin stories.

9. Is there anything more wholesome than a fancy little fellow with his cane and top hat? Don’t think so!

10. We all need a daily reminder that dogs are awesome and we’re lucky to have them.

11. And they’re portable, too!

12. Spending time in nature is a healthy way to spend time too. Just look at how well the dogwoods are blooming this year!

13. Even if you’re stuck in the office, pets can help there too.

14. Animals bring light into a dark world.

15. Will we ever solve the mystery of what happened here?

The best part about consuming wholesome web content? No feelings of guilt, or hurt feelings at all. There’s just no downside!

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