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Meet The Leaf Sheep, The Absolute Cutest Slug On Earth

A leaf sheep sea slug crawling under water.

Have you ever heard of a leaf sheep? Contrary to their name, these adorable creatures are neither plants nor four-legged mammals. They’re actually a type of sea slug, and they’ve earned their affectionate “leaf sheep” nickname with their appearance. In fact, it’s kind of surreal how much these water-dwelling creatures look just like tiny, grazing sheep.

Leaf sheep sea slugs have a special ability, too. According to an Instagram post, these critters can photosynthesize just like a plant! This is yet another reason their nickname is so apt. Want to see some amazing photos of these bizarre creatures? You won’t believe your eyes when you see how cute they are!

1. Isn’t this the most adorable face you’ve ever seen?

A leaf sheep sea slug with a cute little face.
Screengrab from Instagram

This has to be the sweetest-looking slug on the entire planet. In fact, if we could keep one of these little critters as a pet, we totally would.

2. Look at the tiny, rosy cheeks on this leaf sheep sea slug!

A leaf sheep sea slug crawling under water.
Wikimedia Commons

We know that this leaf sheep sea slug isn’t actually blushing, but the pink markings on their face make them look a little bashful!

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