Meet Indiana Bones, Resident Feline Bone Inspector At A Museum Of Osteology.

Indy the museum cat cuddles with a bone.

The right coworkers can make or break a job… no bones about it!


Employees at the Museum of Osteology in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are in luck, because they share their office space with one of the cutest colleagues around! Sir Indiana Bones is a black rescue cat adopted by the “kitty committee” back in 2019, and he’s gaining quite a following both online and in person.

“We kind of just got together and convinced management, and that’s how we picked Indy,” explained Brenna Glover, Supply Chain and Ecommerce Manager for Skulls Unlimited.

Indy lives in the museum full time. He has a special area in the back office space where he can stay if he doesn’t feel like socializing, but he can often be found lounging among the exhibits and mingling with museum visitors. After the administration shared photos and videos of Indy on their social media pages, he gained a devoted following. Many people come to the museum just to meet him!

Indy’s dedicated Instagram page boasts more than 35,000 members, plus 108,000 more TikTok enthusiasts.

Museum staffers have capitalized off of Indy’s newfound popularity. You can now purchase Indiana Bones merchandise, and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the shelter where Indy was adopted, Moore Animal Welfare & Adoption Center.

At work, Indy is in charge of “quality control checks,” which means exploring all of the exhibits to make sure they’re up to snuff, getting pats on the head, and eating tuna fish. When he caught his first (and only, so far) mouse, they celebrated by making him Employee of the Month!

Like most cats, Indy knows how to get attention when he wants it… and knows how to avoid it, if he doesn’t. He has a habit of doing a “twirl and flop” that never fails to draw visitors closer. The museum keeps visitors updated on his many moods and phases online, and they often answer questions people have about their resident feline.

“… they ask if he ever messes with or knocks over the skeletons or bones – and the answer is no!” a staffer wrote on Facebook. “He’s a delicate and diligent Guardian of the Bones. He’s zoomed through an exhibit or two, leaving only paw prints (no tootsie rolls), and is often snapped cuddling up to a skull or pelt. Overall, he’s pretty gentle!”

Museum staffers are enjoying the extra attention that Indy’s presence brings to the collection, but they’re careful not to stress the cat out with too many visitors. Indy serves as a living reminder of why pet adoption is so rewarding and enriching!

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