Cincinnati Airport Takes Lost Stuffed Dog On Cutest Tour And Then Finds His Human.

When a beloved stuffed dalmatian was left behind at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, employees made it their mission to find the pup’s rightful owner.


They quickly took to social media to track down the toy’s family. Then, since they knew the search might take some time, they gave the little guy the experience of a lifetime!

“We found him hanging out by Starbucks outside of our security checkpoint. Look familiar?” the airport wrote on Facebook. “Help us share so we can get him home.”

When that didn’t immediately work, they posted again the next day – only this time they shared some adorable pictures of “Jet” getting an exclusive tour of the airport. Jet was seen at a ticketing counter, onboard a plane, in the driver’s seat of a luggage cart, and even in a cockpit.

“We’ve been spending all day with our new friend trying to figure out where his family could have gone!” the airport added. “After getting him a mask (fly healthy), we took him out to our friends at United. He couldn’t smell his family on the plane or near the gate – so we don’t think they flew United. We’ll keep looking!”

The heartwarming pictures went viral, and soon a friend reached out to Jet’s family and told them what was going on.

After nine long days, “Jet,” whose real name is Masch Masch, was finally reunited with 6-year-old Jaydence Ronco, a sweet little boy from Florida!

Apparently, Jaydence had forgotten his pup at Starbucks because he had been really sleepy that morning. It meant the world to him to reunite with his beloved dalmatian, especially because Masch Masch is no ordinary toy.

“We fostered all three of these boys and they each came up for adoption,” their mom Phyllis explained. “And so, at different times we met before the judge, and the judge, at least in the state of Florida, always gives a stuffed animal on their adoption day at the court.”

Masch Masch was Jaydence’s special gift!

What a beautiful reunion! It just goes to show that it doesn’t take much to make someone’s life a little better!

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