Mama Owl Welcomes Orphaned Chicks With Open Wings After Losing Her Own.

an owl named luna peaking into her nest to see two small owl chicks huddled together.

Luna the tawny owl has always been a mom, but now she finally has baby chicks of her own!


Getting to this point was tough for Luna. First, she lost her full set of eggs, something that is referred to as a clutch. Then, after a year of waiting, her eggs from this year failed to hatch. Just when it seemed as though she’d have to wait even longer, the stars aligned for this loving owl.

Robert E. Fuller, the man who’s been taking care of Luna and other orphaned owls for years, came across two rescued chicks. Because they didn’t have a mom, he knew right away what he needed to do – place them with Luna! That is, if she’d accept them.

While Luna was away, Robert placed the chicks in her nest. A video captures the moment she returns, and it’s one we can’t get enough of! As soon as she lays eyes on the chicks it’s clear that she’s fallen in love. In in instant, she rushes over to, quite literally, take them under her wings for warmth. We couldn’t be happier for this sweet little family!

Watch Luna welcome her baby chicks with open wings below, and don’t forget to share.

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