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6-Yr-Old Saves Substitute Teacher’s Life After She Falls And Hits Head In Class.

When you teach a child how to respond to an emergency, you hope they never have to act on their new knowledge. But sometimes scary circumstances appear when you least expect them, and those lessons are put to the test.

This is exactly what happened when a crisis occurred in a classroom full of kindergartners, and one brave little boy’s training ended up saving a life.


Joyce Darr, a substitute teacher, was working with his class when she fell and hit her head on a desk. The blow left her unconscious in a space where her small students were the only ones around to help. Thankfully, she was in good hands.

6-year-old Max Meza immediately shot up and ran out of the classroom. He went looking for an adult and remembers yelling, “We need help!” Thanks to his efforts, school staff came to Joyce’s aid and emergency services were called.

News Channel 8

As it turned out, Joyce’s injuries were serious enough to require intensive care. She cracked her skull and suffered a brain bleed that left her on life support for 12 days. Fortunately, she is now in recovery. She has started regaining her strength and is getting a little better every day.

The Darr family credits Max with saving her life. In fact, Joyce’s son was so grateful that he bought the 6-year-old hero a new pair of shoes as a thank-you gift for getting his mom the helped she needed.


Joyce and her relatives weren’t the only ones celebrating Max’s bravery. The local sheriff’s office also wanted to recognize him for a job well done, so they put on a special ceremony for him at his elementary school.

The department honored Max with a certificate for his life-saving efforts. Then they went a step further and gave him a bike! During the ceremony, the sheriff said, “He was the leader. He was the hero, and we’re proud of him. If everyone would be like Max, this would be a better world.”


Max is proof that kids listen to the lessons they’re taught — and are braver than we think. This courageous boy deserves all the praise that’s been given to him!

Check out the ceremony the sheriff’s department threw for Max in the video below, and be sure to share this heroic story with your friends.

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