Mom’s Intricate “Disney House” Has Real-Life Magic In Every Room.

Who needs Disneyland when your home is already “the happiest place on Earth”?

Kelsey Hermanson doesn’t just enjoy everything Disney — she wants to be surrounded by it! That’s why the mom of two and her husband Eric have transformed their entire home into a superfan’s paradise.

Kelsey has always been a huge Disney lover, so she adored the idea of dedicating each room to a different movie.

“I love all the magical details that the imagineers create at Disneyland, and we have tried to recreate our own magic in our home,” Kelsey told BuzzFeed.

While she finds some of their pieces in thrift stores or at the Disney Store, the crafty mom mostly makes the decorations herself. For example, in their Rapunzel entry room, she hand-painted the floating lanterns on the lamp.

 floating lanterns

What’s more, her attention to detail is incredible!

In the “Beauty and the Beast” dining room, Kelsey encourages everyone to “be her guest.”

You’ll find “a whole new world” in the beautiful “Aladdin” bathroom, which includes a magic lamp faucet!

aladdin bath

In another bathroom, you’ll fall down the rabbit hole and join “Alice in Wonderland.”

Kelsey’s daughters can go “under the sea” whenever they want in their “The Little Mermaid” bathroom!

But Kelsey’s favorite room of all? The “Cinderella” master bedroom, a wish her heart certainly made while brainstorming the theme.

“It’s the most recent space I have decorated and it is one of the most magical rooms in our home,” Kelsey said. “I found antique furniture and painted it all to look straight out of ‘Cinderella.’ I also added a bubble wall and the entire room is very dreamy.”

We just have one question: When can we move in? We can only imagine how much work all of this has taken, but we’re sure it was worth every second because it makes their family so happy. You can check out more of the magical home on Instagram and TikTok.

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