Doorbell Camera Captures Incredible Moment Woman Saves Choking Neighbor’s Life.

You never know when the opportunity to save a life might coming knocking at your door.


For Karen Gonzalez of Orlando, Florida, that situation came in the middle of the novel coronavirus pandemic, although the threat had nothing to do with COVID-19. Her neighbor of 13 years, middle school teacher Billy Bass, had been enjoying a steak dinner alone at home when he began choking.

billy rings doorbell

In a video captured by a doorbell camera, we see Billy rushing over to Karen’s front door as he struggles to breathe.

Fortunately, Karen, who is CPR-certified, is home! When she answers, she immediately realizes what’s wrong.

“You’re choking?” she asks. But she doesn’t wait for an answer. Instead, she turns Billy around and performs the Heimlich maneuver on him, while another man comes out to help. It only takes one thrust and then the trapped piece of food falls out, finally allowing Billy to breathe.

karen saves billy from choking

Billy assures his neighbor that he doesn’t need an ambulance – and makes sure to express his gratitude. After all, there’s no telling what would have happened if she hadn’t jumped in.

“You saved my life,” he says over and over again.

karen saves billy from choking

Now that he’s recovered, Billy said Karen is more than just his neighbor – she’s his hero!

“She was like Wonder Woman,” he said. “She was shaken up. I was shaken up. We just hugged each other and embraced.”


We’re so happy this harrowing story has a happy ending! Thanks to Karen’s training, she knew exactly what to do. It’s no wonder Billy ran to her house when he needed help.

Watch as Karen expertly saves Billy’s life in the video below, and share this story to thank her. For more joy and hope, check out the Coronavirus Good News Dashboard.

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