Farmer Missing His Girlfriend Uses 250 Cows To Send Her Message Of Love.

This Valentine’s Day, 23-year-old Jordan Nitschke is going to have to get pretty creative to top the adorable stunt he pulled off last month.

He and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Madison Quandt, have been together for more than two years. He stayed home to work on the family farm while she headed off for college, and though maintaining a long-distance relationship has its challenges, she’s worth the wait.


Romantic gestures come in all shapes and sizes. Some guys serenade their wives and others propose on national television. But Jordan decided to do something different: arranging 250 cows into the shape of a heart.


One of his duties in the morning is putting out feed for the herd. After a couple test runs last month, he lay out the feed in the shape of a heart, cut the cows loose, then snapped the photo and sent it to Madison.


“I do think it’s the most romantic gesture Jordan has done for me, but each one, no matter how small, is still special!” Madison said of the adorable (and creative) gesture.


What’s next, laying out bales of hay in the shape of Cupid? Whatever he comes up with on Valentine’s Day should be interesting, but in the meantime, ladies everywhere are swooning:


That’s one creative and tenacious young man, and Madison is certainly lucky! Share to spread more love!