Husband’s Candid Snapshot Sums Up The True Beauty Of Motherhood.

After a full day of parenting, most moms don’t feel very beautiful.

Between packing lunches, driving to and from activities, and taking care of the house there’s not a lot of energy left. As a mother to three young daughters, Jamie Lee Chellberg of Illinois knows all about how hectic these days can be. She recently shared a photo on Facebook that perfectly summed up the joy that lies beneath the exhaustion.


Like many moms, Jamie is usually the person manning the camera in her family. Her husband seldom snaps a picture of her, but on one recent evening he spotted her asleep on the sofa covered in the sleeping bodies of their children and he couldn’t resist taking a photo.

The next day, he sent her the picture and told her it was, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.” After seeing the picture ourselves, we have to agree.


“Yes, a mom’s job is thankless and often taken for granted,” Jamie Lee wrote. “It is what we do when they’re not looking that shapes them… all the planning, prepping, decision making. The sleepless nights, up late getting last minute projects done. In and out of the van 52 times in one day, running from here to there, up early for lunches, and on time school arrivals. This season is exhausting!!!”

Jamie Lee went on to say that even though her days are busy and often stressful, she loves every second of raising these three little humans. “This is the most I’ve ever felt alive, loved, and with great purpose,” she wrote. “These lil’ humans fill my soul on the deepest level. Although, I’m in the thick of it now, I would not change one thing. Thank you my love for capturing the most perfect image of my heart.”


We hear you, mama! The struggle is definitely real. It’s wonderful that Jamie Lee and her husband recognize how beautiful these little moments truly are. Our kids are only small for a very short time. Learning to love the chaos is the only way to fully embrace your journey together!

Share this story to remind other moms that these are the days we’ll miss when the kids are grown. Enjoy every snuggle!

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