Is It MOOvie Night? Farmer’s 1,400-Lb BFF Knows Exactly How To Get His Attention.

Jenna the rescue cow looks in window to get her family's attention

Of the dozens of rescued farm animals at the Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary, one stands out from the herd… literally!


Her name is Jenna, and she’s a 1,400-pound Holstein cow that farmer Ryan Phillips has been hand-raising since she was 3 days old. The two have formed a close bond, and the animal definitely holds a special place in his heart.

Ryan says that early on, Jenna learned that she could let him know what she wants by banking her horns against any available surface. She used to do it as a calf when he was bottle-feeding her, and she still does it to this day.

“She will knock with her horns to let us know she wants me to come out and give her a hug,” Ryan told The Dodo. “Sometimes she wants carrots or sees the extra-ripe bananas through the window and knows those are hers.”

He even says that sometimes, when he’s not expecting it, Jenna even creeps up to his house and peeks inside the window to check on him.

He recently shared a Facebook post describing being woken up by “the loud sound of thudding.” He jumped out of bed, fearful someone was breaking into his Williamsburg, Virginia home, before realizing it was just Jenna!

“As usual, it was just my Jenna demanding hugs!” Ryan concluded.

Ryan went on to tell The Dodo that Jenna knocks “multiple times daily.”

“She knows she’s loved, safe and that everybody adores her,” he said. “I cannot imagine a world without her. I wake up every day excited that she’s there. I’m just so lucky to have a 1,400-pound best friend that wants to hug, hang out and snuggle in her barn.”

These two have the cutest friendship, and we cannot stop giggling over the photo of Jenna peeking in his window! Next, she’ll ask the humans to “mooove” over so she can get a better look at the TV.

Don’t forget to share this adorable bond between Jenna and Ryan.

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