Inseparable Puppies Rescued Off Streets By Nuns, Can’t Stop Hugging Each Other.

puppies hugging each other

There’s nothing like a big hug from a friend to help cheer you up and make you feel secure. And no one understands that feeling better than these two puppies. Their adorable pictures are capturing the hearts of thousands because of the love they clearly have for each other.

They were first spotted living on the streets by Buddhist nuns. The nuns rescued them and brought them to stay at their undisclosed temple. They soon realized that they were inseparable and took pictures of their unique relationship.

They would find the dogs in a corner, in the same position, hugging each other.


After the dog’s cute picture hit the Internet, many were worried if they would be able to survive if the nuns put them back on the streets. Others worried about why the larger dog was protecting the smaller dog. They didn’t appear to be used to being around people and their hugging indicated a fear of humans.


But shortly after the picture worked its way through social media, they were both adopted by an unnamed veterinarian. The two pups are now off of the streets and in a loving home.


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