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Impatient Boy Baptizes Himself During Ceremony in Hilarious Video.

little boy in baptism water with pastor

This boy is ready to get his baptism on! Standing in the water at church, this child was so excited to be baptized that he went ahead and got started himself!

The pastor was completing his baptism talk. After each name of the Holy Trinity, the child grew more and more excited.

This image is from TikTok.

He couldn’t wait for the whole Trinity! After the pastor named “The Son,” the child exclaimed, “I’ll do it!” and dove straight into the water.

The boy jumped out, yelling “I did it!” with glee!

He was met by laughter and love from the pastor and those watching his hilarious and special baptism.

This clip has been seen by millions, and they’re totally obsessed with this boy’s excitement.

“God must be laughing and be proud that he wanted to be baptized early,” said one viewer.

“He’s so adorable when he said, ‘I’ll do it!'” commented another.

For a dose of adorable, watch this precious clip of this kid bursting with excitement for his baptism!

The featured image for this post is from TikTok.

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