4-Yr-Old Starts Selling His Own Art To Save Up Money For Toy...

4-Yr-Old Starts Selling His Own Art To Save Up Money For Toys.

At some point, every child learns that if they want something, they have to work for it.

When Hudson Danger, a 4-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, started insisting his mom buy more of his favorite PAW Patrol toys, she decided it was time for a talk. But their chat quickly turned into a lesson for Kristin Sweeting as well — and a proud mom moment.

hudson and kristin

Much to her surprise, when she told Hudson he couldn’t have more of the expensive toys unless he paid for them himself, he hatched a brilliant plan.

You see, Hudson inherited his mother’s creative eye. Kristin is a wedding photographer, and now her little one is drawn to the arts. The budding photographer and painter specializes in watercolors. He knows his parents love his masterpieces, so he figured other people might too.

He was absolutely right! As soon as he began listing his paintings for sale, people started buying them, which meant the 4-year-old could start his own business.

hudson watercolor painting

Now his incredible pieces are lining other people’s walls in addition to his own family’s.

hudson watercolor painting

In that first week alone, Hudson made $100! With cash in hand, he took a well-deserved trip to Target, where he got to buy his own toy.

hudson's cash

As for Kristin, she was seriously impressed!

I thought I was gonna teach him the lesson of ‘you gotta work hard for stuff you want,’ but instead he taught me the lesson that I shouldn’t try to teach him lessons. One of the best things my parents ever taught me was how to run a business doing things I loved, so I’m proud to pass that on the Hudson.

This little guy really took his mom’s life lesson to heart. Then he taught himself another: We can do anything we set our minds to!

hudson watercolor painting

This adorable little businessman is going places! In fact, he’s already taking commissions on Instagram, where you can find more of his work.

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