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Single Mom Radio

Single Mom Lost Her Teen Son In Freak Accident, Radio Station Surprises Her With An Incredible Gift.

When Michelle, a single mother of three, lost her 19-year-old son last year to an accident at work, she wasn’t given the proper time to process and grieve for her little boy for financial reasons. So, when local radio show KIIS 106.5 heard Michelle’s story, they wanted to help shine some light into her life. The show had been known for a heartwarming segment called “Giveback,” and they decided that Michelle was more than deserving to be the recipient in this particular spot.

But this wasn’t going to be like other Givebacks, according to the radio host. She started the segment by saying, “This is a random Giveback this morning and we are going to be speaking to this person through the radio.” The host then starts describing Michelle as the hidden camera in Michelle’s car captures her confusion and curiosity. The radio host goes on to describe the hardship Michelle has faced, tearing up on the air. It’s truly touching to see.

Finally, the radio host lets Michelle know that the show’s sponsors are donating to help her with her financial troubles. They’re paying her mortgage for the next 6 months so that she can take time to grieve. And they’re giving her $5,000 in home renovations since her son was working on renovating for Michelle before he unexpectedly passed. Their gift has Michelle in tears.

Watch the heart-wrenching surprise unfold in the video below.

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