Groom Refused To Give A Normal Speech. Instead He Did THIS And Got A Standing Ovation From Literally Everyone.

Tom Fletcher is the lead singer for the UK-based band McFly.  He was married in December 2012 to his wife Giovanna “Gi” Falcone.  What he did for her has to be one of the most incredible wedding gestures we’ve ever seen!

Instead of a typical speech, Tom did what he knows best: put on a show.  About the surprise he said, “It’s possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been in my life (about the speech, not the wedding!).  All the songs in my speech are songs by my band, we’re called Mcfly. I rewrote the lyrics for the wedding speech…”

Our Takeaway: Take time to plan a special gesture for the ones you love.  It goes a long way and demonstrates lasting care.

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