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Best Man’s Epic Speech At His Brother’s Wedding Has Guests Rolling With Laughter.

funny wedding speech

Wedding speeches can go one of a few ways: sentimental and sweet, cringe-worthy, or funny. Typically, it’s hard to really nail a funny speech (hence, the cringe-worthy speeches) so it’s best to play it safe and go sentimental.

Best man, Aaron, knew it was either go big or go home for his brother’s wedding reception – and we’re so glad he opted for hilarity because he delivered one of the funniest speeches we’ve ever seen.


In a video of the speech, Aaron provides a taste of what’s to come by starting out saying that he has to use the restroom, so he’s “going to keep this short.” Already, he has the crowd audibly laughing. He goes on to explain how he got the gig as best man: his brother (groom, Allen) didn’t want him to speak at the wedding, but he’s the only brother he had, so that was that. Allen can be heard hilariously in the background say, “This is awkward.”

Also, he clarifies that he’s “best brother” not the best man because he entered the “best brother sweepstakes instead of the best man sweepstakes because there is less competition.”

Within 3o seconds of his speech, Aaron has the crowd roaring with laughter. The best man’s YouTube audience seems to be equally tickled by the speech, as they’ve left thousands of comments praising him for his comedy skills.


Aaron continues his speech explaining that he met the groom “in the ’80s” and lists his many qualities. He praises his brother’s athletic ability and notes that Allen’s trophy collection was always more impressive than his “7th place ribbon collection.” Aaron’s speech is so funny, even he has a hard time keeping a straight face throughout.


Aaron does get sentimental a little bit towards the end of the speech, as he tells his new sister-in-law how happy he is to have her as part of the family. He wraps up the speech saying, “Allen and Michelle, I wish you two all the best in your life together. I love you both. Mom made me say that.”


Aaron’s speech has racked up millions of views on YouTube and he even created a website where people can go and get some good jokes for their own toasts. Though, something tells us no one will ever be able to deliver a hilarious speech quite like him!

Watch the hilarious toast in the video below – and be sure to share with your friends!

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