Former NASA Engineer Tackles Media Bias With World’s 1st News Comparison App.

It’s important to stay informed on what’s happening around the world, but with misinformation and bias running rampant, how do you know which sources to trust (besides InspireMore, of course)?

During her time as a NASA space engineer, Harleen Kaur couldn’t help but notice that working with satellites was, in a way, easier than spotting fake news.

“Using earth-observation satellites, my team looked over every square mile of the planet every 24 hours,” she wrote. “Having worked with satellite camera technology so powerful that it could spot pipes leaking, it is unimaginable to me that we still don’t have access to a set of crystal-clear, undisputed facts about what’s happening on the planet, especially when it comes to current events.”

Harleen wanted to create technology that bridges divides, not exacerbates them. So she co-founded Ground News, the world’s first news comparison platform! Ground News is dedicated to helping readers see every side of the story, including different perspectives.

Ground News

With 50,000+ news outlets from around the world and the political spectrum on a single app (and website), Ground News makes it easier than ever to pinpoint sensationalism and bias.

Simply click on a breaking story to see how it’s being covered by sources from the left, right, and center, so you can form your own opinion about what’s really going on.

Ground News

With their Blindspot Feature, you can even see which stories are being ignored by news outlets on either side of the political spectrum. In the era of the echo chamber, this feature empowers you to check your “news blindspot” and see the stories you aren’t being shown, no matter your politics.

“I think it’s about time that we fix the systemic problems in the way we find, consume, and act on the news,” Harleen said. “I invite you to join me in choosing to see the news clearly.”

Ready to take charge of your news? Download the free app and join 150,000 mindful newsreaders who are balancing their media diets with Ground News.

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