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Stressed College Students Get Epic Surprise When Special Vending Machine Is Installed.

coca-cola machine

Have you ever paid for something in a vending machine and somehow received two of the items you paid for? It feels like winning the lottery!

The people at Coca-Cola understand that the small vending machine victory can cause a big smile, so they decided to put a very special Coke dispenser on a college campus to play on that feeling and spread some happiness. And it definitely worked.

Coke set up some cameras around the vending machine that were able to capture reactions from the students trying to buy a coke. One student put her money in and got her soda as usual. But, then another one came, and another. Soon, she was handing out cokes to every student nearby.


Things only got better, though. Some students continued to be showered with bottles of Coke, while others got more interesting gifts. Instead of the typical soda – one girl got a bouquet of flowers!


Other presents included light-up glasses, a balloon animal, and even the personal service of someone pouring the soda into a cup!


Not only that, but some students received 2-liters for sharing, a giant sub sandwich, and even entire pizzas!


The video shared by Coke showed how small gestures lead to smiles, laughter, and new friends. In the video, students are seen sharing with each other, high-fiving, and cheering as one surprise after another comes from the “happiness machine.”

It’s safe to say Coca-Cola accomplished what they set out to do!


Check out the footage from the college experiment gone totally right in the video below and be sure to spread the happiness and share the story with your friends!

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