“Happiness Is An Understatement.” Man Shares Chaotic Bliss Of Life with 13 Dogs.

Collin Standon's 13 golden retrievers

What’s better than living with one golden retriever? How about sharing your home with thirteen?


Collin Standon of Texas is doing just that, and his house is just as chaotic and joyful as you might expect. In fact, Collin says that when it comes to caring for his baker’s dozen of dogs, “happiness is an understatement.” Honestly? we get it!

Collin’s pack didn’t start out this large. He originally had three goldens, Chloe, her sister Emma, and Sam. Then Chloe and Sam had a litter of nine puppies, and the 24-year-old dog-dad simply couldn’t bring himself to give any of the pups away.

So he kept them – all of them!

He wasn’t done yet! Collin later learned about Buddy, a rescue golden who was due to be euthanized at an area shelter. The golden lover couldn’t let that happen, so he went to the shelter and made Buddy his lucky number 13!

These days, all of the dogs are fully grown and living their best lives! Collin shares tidbits from their life together on his popular TikTok page, where fans can get to know Chloe, Sam, Emma, Buddy, and the nine pups: Rocky, Moose, Raider, Cowboy, Pumpkin, Sunshine, Missy, Angel, and Callie.

As you can imagine, living with this many dogs is not without its challenges. For starters, with each dog consumes about 9 pounds of dog food every single day, Collin buys about 400 pounds of dog food every month! That’s a lot of kibble.

Then there’s the grooming, vet bills, toys, treats, and simply keeping up with all of that energy, all of which their devoted owner takes in his stride. Judging by how much happiness we see in each and every picture and video, we’d say he’s doing a fabulous job!

Some people think Collin is “barking mad,” but if the lifestyle works for them, what’s the harm? Just seeing videos of Collin’s smiling puppers brings joy to people all over the world.

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