Dog With Deformed Legs Tries On Prosthetics For 1st Time — And Takes Off Running!

Dogs are some of the most resilient creatures out there, and Halo is no exception.


Born with no front feet and a deformed back leg, the Great Pyrenees puppy was abandoned in a box after her breeder deemed her useless. Jamie Wallace-Griner, on the other hand, fell head over heels in love with the tiny survivor.

Jamie is the founder of the Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch in Texas. The farm gives abused and neglected animals of every species a forever home, as well as those with special needs. It all started when a Great Pyrenees named Angel formed a special bond with Jamie’s son Jackson, who has autism.

“Angel touched parts of his heart that I couldn’t even reach as his mother,” Jamie said.

Inspired, the awesome mom began caring for animals in need. Today, she watches over more than 100 of them and arranges healing visits between them and human children with special needs.

It only seemed fitting that Jamie repaid Angel’s favor to another adorable ball of fluff. Unlike Halo’s breeder, Jamie knew she wasn’t a lost cause. After all, Halo wasn’t even aware that she was different than other dogs!

Halo eventually had to have her back leg amputated and her front two reconstructed – all of which she took in stride!

From the early days of her rescue, Jamie couldn’t help but smile at the sweet girl’s infectious joy. Despite everything she’s been through, Halo loves life!

That said, while Halo can hop around, Jamie wanted to make it easier for her to walk. In October, she received a pair of prosthetic legs from OrthoPets… and broke down over Halo’s reaction.

Not only did the dog stand up, but she also ran!

“The plan was just to introduce her to them today. It was never to even attempt walking,” Jamie wrote. “She had different plans. She didn’t just walk….. she ran!”

The video of Halo’s triumph only reinforces what Jamie has known all along: Halo is unstoppable, legs or not! Plus, she is more than worthy of love!

“It’s been an insane roller coaster of challenges and emotions over the last year,” Jamie added. “From the moment I brought this little wounded, 4-week-old, one-legged fluff ball home, I knew she was something special!”

What’s more, Halo is inspiring children with special needs to love and believe in themselves – just like she does!

What a beautiful life! Halo just goes to show that with love and care, every animal can thrive! Thank you, Jamie, for giving so many fur babies a happy life.

Watch Halo run for the first time in the video below, and share this story so she can inspire even more people.

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