Girl Challenges 97-Yr-Old Great-Granny To Dance-Off, Never Expects These Slick Moves.

When you’re young at heart, age is just a number.

Alexis Taylor of Huntsville, Alabama has grown up watching her grandmother retain her spark, even as she celebrated her 100th birthday in 2018. She says her grandma has always been “full of life,” and the way she continues to stay hip well into her golden years inspires their whole family.


When granny was 97, Alexis captured some of that youthful joie de vivre in a video that became an unexpected hit on YouTube and on Facebook. In the video Alexis’ eight year-old daughter, Alaria, was boogying in the family living room to Fifth Harmony’s “I’m Worth It.”

dancing granny

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As granny looks on, someone off camera suggests she “do her thang,” to which the old woman replies, “You want me to do my thang?”

Before an affirmative answer could be received, granny has already started shrugging her shoulders in time with the beat. As Alaria grins at her great grandmother, granny begins a shuffling dance that brings happy tears to our eyes! After all these years, she’s still got it!


“Get it, granny!” you can hear family members saying off-camera, and granny responds by giving her hips a big shake. Even though she uses a cane for balance, she’s surprisingly steady on her feet.

Alexis’s video went seriously viral online, with over 1.7 million views on YouTube, plus almost 3 million more on Facebook. Everyone agreed that this is one groovy granny!


“What a blessing!! I want to get her age and still be able to dance,” wrote one Facebook viewer. Another chimed in, “This makes me so happy! She is blessed shows you how good God is.”

Take a look at this young at heart great-granny shaking her “thang” in the video below, and please be sure to share to remind everyone that age is just a number!

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