Good Samaritans Climb Out 8th-Story Window To Save Stranded Child From Apartment Fire.

Russian fire rescue

You never know when you’ll be called upon to be a hero in someone’s life.


Two men are being hailed as heroes after video emerged of their incredible efforts during an apartment building fire in Moscow, Russia. A video shows thick black smoke pouring from the 9th floor of a high rise building as fire rages somewhere inside. The men, who were in the apartment just below on the 8th floor when the fire broke out, must have heard the child’s calls for help from the open window. They both climbed out the window, taking their lives in their hands, and stood on the window sill reaching up towards the window above them.

A few moments later, the child lowers herself out of the window and risks it all by dropping into their waiting arms. Thanks to their bravery, all three of them made it out alive, though both men were wounded by broken glass and burns and required hospitalization.

Thankfully, no one died in this inferno, likely thanks to these incredibly heroic strangers! Watch them rescue their neighbor in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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