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“Whose Cat Is This?” Little Girl Has Sweet Breakdown When Parents Gift Her New Kitten.

The best part about getting someone a gift is seeing their reaction when you give it to them. There’s nothing better than witnessing their joy when they realize they now own the very thing they wanted most!

One set of parents got a better response than they could have imagined when they gifted their daughter with a brand new kitten. To say the sweet girl was excited is perhaps the understatement of the month!


In a video shared online, you can see the little girl as she walks into her room. When she makes her appearance, her dad instructs her to open the red box sitting on her bed. Skeptical, she opens it to find… nothing. Good one, dad!

After patting himself on the back for the great joke (we assume), he assures his daughter that she really will get a present. Then he reveals a little basket with a kitten inside. When she sees it for the first time, she’s left in total disbelief and exclaims, “Whose cat is this?”


When the knowledge sinks in that there’s a real cat waiting in the basket that now belongs to her, the little girl is overcome with emotion. But as she cries over her future best friend, her shock quickly turns to joy.


There’s no denying that these awesome parents experienced the wonderful satisfaction of giving someone the purr-fect gift. What a lucky kitten to be adopted into a family that is sure to love it in every way possible! How could they not when their youngest member adores her pet so much?

Watch the video below to see the little girl’s precious reaction to her new cat, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends!

Surprising Daughter With Kitten

The adorable moment a father made his daughter's day buy getting her a kitten ❤️️🙌

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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