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10-Yr-Old With Cerebral Palsy Hops Up To Dance With Her Dad In Adorable Viral Video.

Glancing through Graham Booker and Johanna Ekström’s social media photos, it’s difficult to find a picture where their daughter, Freya Booker, is not smiling.

Freya has an inner light that shines brightly through any medium! While she has a host of physical ailments and requires round-the-clock care, she is the epitome of joy.

The 10-year-old lives with her doting parents in Gothenburg, Sweden. She was born prematurely and was quickly diagnosed with a brain disease, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. Her mom and dad work with her every day to keep her physically and mentally active.

“We don’t really like Freya to sit in her wheelchair all day,” Graham said. “We like to interact with her as much as possible.”

The family has come up with their own way to measure Freya’s progress. Instead of hitting milestones, she hits “inch stones.” So far, she has mastered standing up without help, riding her custom bicycle, and, most recently, dancing.

“[Freya] loves all kinds of music, from Adele to Metallica,” Graham said. In a video, he showed off their fancy footwork as he and Freya boogied in their living room. The caption read, “INCHSTONE ALERT: Super Freya Dances!”

Soon, the clip was shared by a children’s charity called TinySuperheroes, which launched the two of them into the viral stratosphere with over 9 million views!

“Even when the video was up to 6.2 [thousand] views, it was amazing,” Graham exclaimed. “We aren’t used to being this famous!”

As they danced together, Freya laughed and smiled the entire time, while Graham helped keep her steady and encouraged her. The dad has done a lot to inspire his daughter over the years, even running marathons in her honor.

Robyn Rosenberger, TinySuperheroes’ CEO and founder, said it’s wonderful to see families like this one bring so much attention to their community.

“Every viral video like Freya’s helps combat isolation and promote positivity in the online community of children that are facing unique challenges,” Robyn said. “Everyone has a story that is so worth hearing.”

Way to go, Super Freya! Seeing her dance and laugh with her dad is incredibly heartwarming, and by sharing their experiences, Freya’s family is removing stigmas and shattering stereotypes.

Watch the adorable father-daughter dance in the video below, and don’t forget to share this precious story.

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