Social Experiment Shows Mom Berating Foster Son — Bystanders Have Powerful Response.

foster mom berates little boy in front of daughter

The show “What Would You Do?” stages situations in which “seemingly everyday situations quickly go awry,” and hidden cameras capture how people react.

Each episode is a fascinating social experiment! Often, people’s reactions to these situations bring viewers to tears, and the following episode is no exception.

The “What Would You Do?” segment tackles foster care. The scene goes as follows: A foster mom goes into a busy restaurant for a meal with her foster son and her “real” daughter. Her son is on a tight budget, while her daughter can have whatever she wants. Not only that, but she repeatedly belittles and even threatens her foster son.


But don’t worry, the abused foster child isn’t really mistreated, he’s an actor (one you may now recognize as Lucas from the Netflix hit show “Stranger Things”), and the foster mom and her daughter are actors, too!

The only people who aren’t acting? The other customers in the restaurant.


Once the meal begins, the “foster mom” starts immediately picking on her “foster son.” Rather than embracing him and caring for him with love, she reminds him repeatedly that he is a “job” to her, that he isn’t worthy of the same treatment her “real” daughter gets, and that, “If I send you back, no one’s going to adopt you.”

Each time they act out the scenario, they’re met with powerful responses from bold strangers – which is the exact purpose of this show.

It is so nice to see how strangers react and even intervene in situations like this one! This just shows the importance of speaking up when we see others being treated unfairly.

Check out the powerful experiment in the video below, and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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