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Cops Tear Up Dance Floor With Special Needs Students At Prom.

There seems to be no limit to the lengths police officers will go to in order to give back to their community. Officers in Boynton Beach, Florida, for instance, won’t hesitate to bust out their best “Whip & Nay Nay” just to make some local students smile!

These fun-loving cops proved two things: they’ve got hearts of gold, and you’re never too old to get a little bit funky on the dance floor.


After learning that many special needs students at the high school did not plan to attend their prom, the local police decided to take matters into their own hands in order to show these kids the time of their lives.

That’s how it came to pass that on a balmy spring evening in May, Boynton Beach police officers attended the prom with special needs students at the John I. Leonard Community High School’s Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts in West Palm Beach.


The idea to escort these students came from retired police officer Scott Harris, whose wife is a special education teacher at the high school. These dedicated public servants didn’t hesitate to step up and ask all of these kids if they could be their dates, and naturally, the kids were thrilled!


“It’s amazing to see these young kids that don’t have the opportunity to come do this be here today,” Scott said. “They’re awesome kids and now they’re mingling with all the other kids doing the same thing that the kids that don’t have the disabilities are doing.”


Like any good date, officers showed up at the school in full uniform and toting corsages for the girls and boutonnieres for the boys.


After that, it was time to head to the dance floor and get the prom “turnt up!”

These cops have some serious dance moves! The department was sure to upload lots of pictures and videos of the students’ big night to their social media pages, so if you’ve ever wondered what a fully-uniformed police officer looked like while doing “the floss,” this is your lucky day!

FYI, for those who haven’t ever tried to do this dance (made famous by the “Backpack Kid” viral videos), let me just tell you that it’s NOT easy! In fact, I may or may not have thrown out my back and wrenched my knee, just watching this officer in action.

They make it all look easy! They twirled, they did the Salsa, and they showed us all how it’s done!


Videos on Twitter showed the officers and their dates having the times of their lives! They danced to all the fun dance songs you can think of, from Big Sean’s “Bounce Back,” to Silentó’s “Watch Me.”


Even though it’s clear that the students had a wonderful time with these special officers, the Boynton PD said the pleasure was all theirs. “As much as tonight means to these students, it means the world to us to be able to escort them to their prom,” they wrote on Twitter.

Check out some of the fun in the video below, and don’t forget to share to remind everyone how far good cops will go to serve their community!

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