FedEx Driver Saves Wedding In The Nick Of Time With Beach Delivery.

Like thousands of other couples, COVID-19 threw a major monkey wrench into the plans of one North Carolina couple.


Savannah Kulenic and Dylan Perkins had planned a dream wedding in Hawaii, but after the global pandemic broke out they had to change their plans in an instant. With their cruise canceled, they began to think about other ways to tie the knot.

Seaside Topsail Photography

The couple decided to get married anyway, planning a very small beach-side gathering on the North Carolina coast. The only problem was that the company making Savannah’s wedding band was forced to close alongside all the other area businesses.

In a small miracle, the company reopened just one day before Savannah and Dylan’s rescheduled wedding. They even told her they’d overnight the ring via FedEx to get it there in time! The only snafu was that the ring was scheduled to arrive by 4:30 PM. The wedding was taking place at 3.

Seaside Topsail Photography

Wedding photographer Amy Shores of Seaside Topsail Photography was there to document the intimate ceremony. She left a note on the front door for the FedEx driver. “I put in capital letters, ‘You have the ring,’” Amy said.

When FedEx driver Joe Engel arrived to drop off the package, he spotted the note and sensed the urgency of the matter. Rather than simply dropping it off, Joe dashed down to the beach to deliver the package right into the bride’s eager hands. Amy was there to snap the perfect picture!

Seaside Topsail Photography

FedEx to the rescue!

“She immediately turned and started running towards me. We kind of met down the beach, and I just handed it over to her and said, ‘Congratulations,’”Joe said.

Amy’s pictures went viral the minute she shared the story online. She says even though she’s photographed dozens of weddings and events, this one will always stand out in her mind thanks to this special delivery.

Seaside Topsail Photography

“I’ve shot extravagant weddings with tons of people. This literally had 5 people, and it’s probably the most special wedding I’ve ever photographed,”Amy said. “It was just the most magical moment.”

“I’m so happy that they had a great wedding, and I didn’t ruin it by being the last-minute ring bearer,”Joe said.

Seaside Topsail Photography

This pandemic has made us grateful for all of the essential workers who keep the world turning, but none were more essential than Joe the FedEx driver on this day. Congratulations to Savannah and Dylan! We’re so happy your special day was able to go on.

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