Young, dying father uses last days to show his family true love.

Ryan Woods is a husband and father of two and tragically is dying from a rare kind of cancer.  He was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma brain tumor that’s lodged in his spinal cord, but the 30-year-old Vancouver native has made the rest of his life a celebration.


“I would just invite people to live out a beautiful story… to live out their life and make beautiful music, regardless of what kind of brokenness they have to deal with,” said Ryan in this SoulPancake video.

With all of the family’s trials and tribulations, heartbreaks and hurdles, they have one of the most positive and loving attitudes I’ve ever seen.

“I will be positive to a fault – and actually the thing is I really believe it,” Ryan said as he let out an uplifting chuckle. “Not artificial positive, but I will be… well, I see the world through rose-colored glasses.”

Ryan’s wife, Jess, said it best when she expressed her perspective on life and how this situation has affected her: “Really our story is hard and our story has lots of piece that are messy and tragic… just really tragic… But I think there are so many things that are beautiful – just so many things that are life-giving and not just about death.”

Wow. That sort of statement takes such strength, faith and love.  In response, take Ryan’s challenge to heart and try as best you can to apply it to your life…

“I want to invite you to cultivate a sense of love and community where you live, where you work and where you play.”

Unfortunately Ryan passed a few months after this video was made, but his legacy and attitude live on today.  Watch his beautiful video below.

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