Pregnant Doctor Helps Distressed Mom Deliver Baby — Then Gives Birth Herself!

Dr. Amanda Hess of Frankfort, Kentucky, is someone any mom would want around for the birth of their child. Not only is she a great OBGYN, but she takes the “moms supporting moms” sentiment to a whole new level!

Back in July 2017, the mom of two was preparing to give birth to her second child. But when she saw another mom in need, she put her own labor on hold to help!

Dr. Hess was about to be induced at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center when she heard another mom-to-be screaming in a nearby room. One of her patients, Leah Halliday Johnson, was in active labor, and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her baby’s neck.

While the on-call physician was coming back from a break, Dr. Hess knew every minute counted. So she threw on a gown, put boots over her flip flops, and rushed to help Leah deliver. A few pushes later, Leah welcomed a healthy baby girl!

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Then, following the commotion, Dr. Hess went into labor herself! Twelve hours after delivering Leah’s fourth child, she gave birth to her own daughter.

While Dr. Hess says she was simply doing her job, Leah couldn’t be more grateful for her selfless actions. She was supposed to be on maternity leave, after all!

“I appreciate what she did for my family, and it speaks a lot to who she is as a woman and a mother as well as a doctor,” Leah said. “It makes you feel better, bringing a baby girl into the world, knowing there are women like her willing to step up like that.”

amanda with baby

Talk about a “super mom!” This happened years ago, but Leah will never forget what Dr. Hess did to make sure her daughter was born safely. She’s not just a doctor and a mom — she’s a hero!

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