Doorbell Camera Catches Amazon Driver Stopping To Pray For High-Risk Infant.

Everyday workers have emerged as heroes of the novel coronavirus pandemic for good reason.

Mail carriers, grocery store employees, and other essential staff members have been keeping everything going in this uncertain time. For the Pearson family in Nampa, Idaho, receiving medical deliveries for their 8-month-old son is a matter of life and death.


Raquel and Derek’s son Lucas was born with a congenital heart defect. Not only has the condition affected his ability to eat and drink, but it has also made him vulnerable to COVID-19. That’s why their family has been sheltering at home for months.

“He needs special thickeners to be able to eat, otherwise he aspirates his milk, so we really depend on getting all of these supplies online so we don’t have to go out to the store and bring a virus home,” Raquel explained. “We just want to minimize exposure to coronavirus.”

To express their gratitude for the delivery workers who allow them to stay home, Raquel and Derek posted a sign on their front door explaining their situation.


“We have an infant with medical needs and online deliveries are essential to his health,” the sign read. “You are helping keep our son alive and well.”

In the beginning of May, Derek and Raquel were reviewing security footage from their Ring doorbell camera when they spotted Monica Salinas, an Amazon delivery driver, standing on their front porch.

They weren’t sure what Monica was doing with her head bowed — until she made the sign of the cross and headed back toward her van.


“I noticed that she was standing there, and I didn’t really realize what she was doing until I saw her doing the sign of the cross. I was like ‘Oh my gosh, she was praying,'” Raquel said. “I kind of choked up a bit.”

They were so moved by this sweet gesture from a stranger that Raquel shared the story on Facebook, where it quickly went viral.

Once people helped them identify Monica as the driver in question, the Pearsons were eager to thank her directly!


“It’s been really hard to get through this, so I’m really touched that a stranger would take time out of her day to wish our son well like that,” Raquel said.


What a great reminder that we are all going through this together! Sometimes we need to share our burdens to receive the support we need. Awesome job, Monica!

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