Heart-Stopping Video Captures Cop Smashing Windows To Rescue Dog From Burning Car.

screenshot from bodycam footage of a colorado police officer rescuing a large brown dog named hank from a burning car who, at that moment, had his head sticking out of the broken rear windshield

When Deputy Michael Gregorek got a call about an enflamed vehicle, he had no idea that a dog was trapped inside. As soon as he found out, he didn’t hesitate to bust down windows to free the terrified pup named Hank.

He first tried breaking a back seat window, but when that didn’t work, the owner and Michael worked together to figure out where Hank could be through the thick smoke. Thankfully, soon after busting the rear windshield, Hank was able to stick his head out of the opening. His owner desperately tried freeing him, but when he was unable to, Michael quickly took over.

It wasn’t easy, but Hank was finally freed! Michael immediately ran the overheated pup over to some snow so he could cool down. Hank was no doubt shook up after that ordeal, but soon enough he was back to his happy self, making sure to show his appreciation for Michael with some sweet puppy licks!

Watch Hank’s heart-stopping rescue in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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