Broadway Star Surprises Teen At Home With “Phantom Of The Opera” Performance.

With schools closed, Texas’ Wylie High School is making house calls to students, particularly the troublemakers who need some “drive-by discipline.”

In April, the school district asked parents to report their children in “drive-by referrals.” Teachers and other school staff would then visit nominees at home and jokingly call them out for their behavior in quarantine. While Maggie Smith hasn’t been causing trouble, her nonstop singing of show tunes has been giving her family headaches. That’s why her parents nominated her.

maggie drive-by discipline

“I have promised her a visit from Lin Manuel Miranda himself, if she will give it a rest for at least an hour,” her mom, Michelle, wrote in her daughter’s submission. “Please WHS AP’s we beg you to come and save us from the freshman Phantom of the Rona!!!”

So, Maggie’s assistant principal and theater teacher stopped by, megaphones in hand. But the teen realized this wasn’t a punishment at all when a special guest stepped out, wearing a familiar mask. Maggie couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing before her was David Gaschen, who played the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway!

david gaschen surprises maggie

Not only did Gaschen bring Maggie a CD of the musical’s soundtrack, but he treated her (and the entire street) to a live performance of “Music of the Night!”

david gaschen sings music of the night

Gaschen’s beautiful voice left the teen speechless, but the way she lit up listening to him said everything about how she felt. All she could muster was a heartfelt “thank you” after the star told her to keep singing — even if “it will make everyone crazy.”

david gaschen sings for maggie

What a show! The young musical lover will never forget this moment, though we hope it encourages her to give her parents a little break! That said, we have to echo Gaschen’s sentiment. Keep singing, Maggie! There’s nothing like getting lost in an amazing song.

Watch the exciting surprise play out in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

Today is Thursday, April 23 and today's Drive-By Discipline referral is a special treat! Watch out kids, if you practice too many show tunes at the house, you may just get a visit from your principal and the Phantom of the Opera?!?!?! Thank you David Gaschen for this amazing gift, she will never forget it! #thewylieway #wreck'em #texastech #wylieisd

Posted by David Vinson on Thursday, April 23, 2020

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