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Dad Got Off Of Plane To See His Wife And 2 Kids, Then He Reads Their Shirts.

Michael Mitchell, a.k.a. Dad, got off the plane to a surprise greeting from his wife, two kids and some close family. But the excitement of seeing his family kept his attentions off of the unusual audience.

After running to hug his family, Michael found there was “a special message” written on one of his son’s shirts. Though confused, he went on to read ‘Promoted to big brother…’ Well, that didn’t quite stick. So he moved onto mom’s shirt, which had text on her tummy, and read aloud ‘Daddy’s little girl.’

At first, an entertained smile drew across his face, then his face dropped to awe as he realized what that meant; a third child was on the way! And his first baby girl. There’s nothing  disingenuous about his wave of emotions. Michael goes from cluelessness to utter shock to tears of joy and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

It’s tough to watch his epiphany without getting a little emotional, too. Seeing Michael find out his family had already started growing is so candid and raw.

What a beautiful moment we get to experience with the Mitchell’s. Share it today and spread the love!