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Bus Driver Surprised With Incredible Reward After His 70 Gifts To Students Goes Viral.

People who perform acts of kindness for others usually do so without imagining what they might get in return.

Curtis Jenkins is a member of this wonderful group. He works as a school bus driver for Lake Highlands Elementary in Dallas, Texas, and recently made headlines when he used his own money to purchase a gift for each of the 70 students who ride with him.


Curtis treats his kids as if they’re members of his family. He knows their interests and hobbies and has become a positive role model in their lives. After his story went viral, he received countless appreciation gifts and thank-you notes from around the U.S., but nothing could prepare him for what was coming.

When he arrived at the Richardson ISD back-to-school convocation, he didn’t expect to hear his name called over the speakers. Superintendent Jeannie Stone brought him on stage in front of all his coworkers to give him a well-deserved reward.

After giving a quick recap of Curtis’ extraordinary dedication to his students, she said, “You drive an older model pickup truck, right? Well, we want you to know that when you leave here today… you’re going to be driving this brand new car!”


Sure enough, Curtis was lead to where a Chevrolet SUV waited for him, complete with a big red bow on top. He also learned an anonymous donor had heard his story and decided he wanted to give Curtis a gift of thanks — a big gift of thanks!


“Someone reached out to me that I’ve known for a long, long time that saw that video on my Facebook and said, ‘I want to do something for that man and his family,'” Jeannie said. “He asked me a couple of questions, but basically, it was, ‘Just tell me, is he a good man?’ And I could answer that honestly and immediately.”

Curtis took to Facebook after receiving the incredible gift. “Dr. Jeannie Stone gave me the shock of my life when she handed me the key to my brand new car,” he wrote. What a wonderful surprise!


Curtis is the sort of person who shows others kindness out of the goodness of his heart, which makes it even sweeter to see him be so richly rewarded. We hope Curtis enjoys his new ride!

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