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20 Creative Ways To Keep Each Other Safe During COVID-19

Humans are resilient.

Even with the novel coronavirus, we are adapting. Some of us are finding great ways to keep everyone’s spirit up in self-isolation, while others are working hard to stop the spread of COVID-19. From creative social distancing games to potentially life-saving practices, here are 20 brilliant ideas people have come up with.

1. “Playing Bingo with social distancing.”

social distancing bingo

2. Parents are getting creative to keep their kids busy and teach them the value of hard work!

coronavirus chores

3. “Art Museum — closed due to virus outbreak — rearranged [its] exhibition so it it can be seen from outside — day or night. Salo, Finland.”

 art museum

4. “This ad by Saudi health ministry [reads], ‘Thanks to every person who didn’t see this ad… stay home.'”

coronavirus ad

5. “Due to COVID-19, I’m having to go to all of the grocery stores in my area and install plastic sneeze guards on the check stands.”

sneeze guard

6. “Using toothpicks to avoid touching the elevator buttons.”

coronavirus elevator solution

7. “Road maintenance doesn’t stop. I made a handwashing station for my crew.”

hand washing station

8. Even after his father’s nursing home went on lockdown, this man still found a safe way to visit.

coronavirus solution

9.The Netherlands’ Jumbo Supermarkets set up stations in hospitals so healthcare workers can pick up personalized grocery orders.

jumbo supermarket hospital

10. For people working from home, ironing boards make surprisingly great stand-up desks!

ironing board desk

11. This Danish supermarket came up with a perfect way to help customers keep their distance.

coronavirus social distancing

12. This company gave its employees new key rings complete with complimentary hand sanitizer.

coronavirus key ring

13. Someone else made hand sanitizer available in public places.

hand sanitizer

14. “The waiting room at my doctor’s office today.”

waiting room

15. “Handwashing stations for the homeless.”

homeless handwashing station

16. “Mom sent a picture of how their street is socializing.”

social distancing

17. “My local grocery store started double wrapping bread to reduce the spread of coronavirus.”

coronavirus solution

18. A New Zealand store set up a checkout line for senior customers.

elderly only line

19. “News outlet in Canada is taping their microphones to hockey sticks to maintain social distance.”

coronavirus solution

20. Drone owners are using their devices to pick up food orders.

drone food order

What incredible examples of how we can keep our fellow humans safe. Let’s thank them by doing our part to flatten the curve as well!

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